Winter is Here

The cold has finally set in around the United States and people are taking notice. As temperatures plunged into the lows, despair started to set in. We knew winter was coming (subtle Game of Thrones reference), but we tried to deny the frigid temperatures for as long as possible. But it’s not all bad (although mostly, it is). Winter is a great time for Americans to hit the slopes and ski themselves into oblivion. But before you go planning your next ski getaway, there are some things you need to take into consideration.

\"ski2\"Just throwing this out there as a rule of thumb—wear a helmet. Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, there’s some cool gear you might want to get to keep the slopes a little more stylish. Ski gear is a little expensive; so prepare to shell out the big bucks for these. These Abominable ski goggles have anti-fog technology so you can keep an eye on the slopes. Not only are these practical, but they look cool too. And since it’s freezing, why wouldn’t you want heated gloves? You get the best of both worlds—a beautiful, snowy mountain and warmth.

Now, for the location. Jackson Hole, Wyoming is a top pick. Almost 600,000 skiers visit this amazing location each year, where the ski lifts travel 4,000 feet in 9 minutes while carrying 100 people. It’s rated the top mountain in North America to ski on by Forbes (so you know its legitimate).

Vail, Colorado should also be on your list of places to go. It’s the biggest ski area in America and very popular—with good reason. It’s a mountain that has beautiful terrain, off-the-map locations to die for and is close to Denver’s airport for a quick trip.

So put your snow pants on, prepare yourself for snow and book a trip to ski while the weather is still (unfortunately) cold.

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