The Coolest Bars on the Sea

We’ve all heard the term “booze cruise.” Not the classiest of cruises. But some cruise lines are able to work booze into their boats in a very classy way. Since the fees are often steep to travel the open seas, cruise lines like to lighten the mood by having cool and state-of-the-art bar areas for those who are over 21. While hanging out at these bars may cost you a little more than you bargained for, the atmosphere and crafty drinks are worth the price.

At Silversea’s Connoisseur’s Corner, you can indulge in a full cigar bar and cognac. The Princess’ Wheelhouse bar has a total of 56 whiskies you can sample while sitting on their plush couches and admiring their old-world interior. And at Celebrity’s Martini Bar & Crush you can watch the show that the bartenders put on a show while they make martinis on an ice-topped bar—all while enjoying some fine caviar.

It gets cooler. The Norwegian Cruise line has an ice bar built into their cruise ships. All chairs, tables and the bar are made of ice and the bar is kept at a warm 17 degrees Fahrenheit. Luckily, there’s no wind-chill. The ice bars in Scandinavia are the inspiration for the Ice Bar. Did I forget to mention that the glasses are made from ice as well? That makes for a chilly drink.


Last but not least, there’s one bar at Royal Caribbean that is on another level—literally. Rising Tide is an elevator that cruises in 30-minute intervals from deck 5 to deck 8. There are 30 seats on this creative bar that has a lot of momentum. While the drink menu may be nothing special, riding on an elevator-bar definitely is.

Sail the open seas on a cruise and unwind at one of these cool locations at night. They may not help if you’re seasick, but they are sure to help you have fun.

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