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\"giphy\"Now trending: Airbnb*.  Well, it has actually been trending for awhile now.  All throughout 2015, and now what little we have had of 2016, travelers across the world are fangirling over Airbnb.  In case you didn\’t know, Airbnb is a service that allows those with an unused apartment, house or bedroom to rent it out for a nightly fee to those who need a place to crash.  It is especially useful for travelers who are just passing through or city-hopping (going from city to city in a short amount of time).  It\’s also, conveniently, generally cheaper than renting a hotel room.  So, lets take an in-depth look at this traveling marvel. 

First off, the most popular place to rent an Airbnb is Paris. No surprise there.  Who doesn\’t want to jet off to France and stay in an authentic, Parisian apartment?  Paris has over 43,000 listings on Airbnb. Impressive.

Next up–cities with the biggest growth. Osaka, Japan has seen a 7000% increase in Airbnb over the last year.  Bangkok, Thailand has seen a 1230% growth.  Looks like those traveling in Asia are really hitting it off with Airbnb. U.S. destinations like Nashville, New Orleans, Palm Springs and Portland, Maine have the most growth in the U.S. with Airbnb.

With over 600,000 listings in mostly every corner of the world, Airbnb is nothing to mess with. Since being founded in 2008 in San Fransisco, Airbnb has quickly risen to the top of the list when travelers are finding accommodations for their next trip. Listings include over 600 castles, 300 tree-houses (cool, I know)  and 1,400 boats. Try it out next time you travel.  Save some money and see a new city without a hotel. 

*This is not a sponsored post.

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