Places to go once you win the Powerball

We’ve all heard of the Powerball. You know, the drawing that will award some lucky winner some 1.5 BILLION dollars tonight (before taxes, of course)? Think of all the things you could do with that money. The things you could buy. The things you could do. The places you could go. Well, just in case one of you is the lucky winner of 1.5 billion pre-tax dollars (which really amounts to somewhere around $950 million), we have some travel ideas for you. These travel destinations will break the bank—but you can afford it once you’re a billionaire!

\"RoyalIn Geneva, Switzerland, you can stay in the world’s most expensive suite. At The Royal Penthouse at Hotel President Wilson, you can have 12 bathrooms and bedrooms, an expensive art collection and amazing technology. All this for only $80,000. A night. Yes, that’s a hefty price tag.   But you can afford it once you are a billionaire.

If you’re looking to travel to Asia, there’s a plane ticket that will cost more than just a little pocket change. Not that this matters if you have a billion dollars. Flying from New York to Singapore in first class using Singapore Airlines will cost you a cheap $14,000 a seat. Not bad! This includes private suites complete with beds, LED television and delicious airplane food (who knew that was possible!). Keep in mind, once you get to Singapore, you’ll be shelling out a little more than usual given that it is one of the most expensive cities in the world to visit.

If you’re looking to really splurge, why not rent an island? For a $37,000 daily rate, you can rent one of the Islands of Copperfield Bay. This includes your own private island where you can bring up to 12 guests.   Food and drink—thankfully unlimited—are included. You can organize your own customized treasure hunt, go snorkeling or lay on the beach all day. It’s expensive, but who cares? You’re a billionaire.

There is no shortage of expensive vacations out there in the world. And tonight at approximately 11pm, you can take part in all of the luxury.   That is, if you have the winning numbers.

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