The smart suitcase

First we had the smartphone, and then we had smart appliances and smart cars. Now, for the seasoned traveler, we have the smart suitcase. Named the Space Case 1 by its creator company, Planet Traveler, this innovative and safeguarding suitcase lessens the stress of traveling and makes life a little bit easier while going through security, waiting for your flight and picking up your bag at baggage claim.

\"spaceThe Space Case 1 is dubbed the “World’s Most Advanced Smart Suitcase” and has already raised almost a million dollars in funds while also being featured in publications such as CNN, Forbes, The Washington Times and Business Traveler.

The suitcase is entirely powered by technology, including a digital lock that uses your fingerprint to lock and unlock, a scale within the suitcase that can ensure you will not be going over the maximum weight limit, charging ports and more.

There is also a GPS tracker embedded in the suitcase that allows the Space Case 1 to be tracked using an app. No more wondering when your suitcase will arrive at baggage claim.

Although the Space Case 1 is not on the market yet, through their funding they have raised enough money to start production. For $329 you will soon be able to purchase this smart case yourself. You will see the Space Case in airports near you soon.

And if you were nervous, Planet Traveler has included a “10 Year Cloud Protect\"spaceion” that ensures your suitcase can be repaired (aside from any airline abuse or wear and tear) for free for up to 10 years after purchase.

At ease, travelers, the Space Case is here to help.

Take a look at their business model, different offers, user specifications and preorder a Space Case 1 with estimated delivery this February – here.

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