Dubai is Awesome

Why not go to Dubai? After being named New Years Eve’s trendiest destination in 2015, being home to the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa—the world’s only 7 star hotel and the world’s 22nd most expensive city in the world, there’s no reason not to hop on a plane and take a vacation in this fascinating city.

\"Dubai3\"Dubai is a booming cultural and economic center of the Middle East, with lavish restaurants, hotels, parties, cars and businesses. It’s home to a beautiful beach and the world’s largest manmade archipelago, whose sand can fill the empire state building twice.

The city is also home to a range of beautiful, stunning and innovative hotels. This includes an underwater hotel and the JW Marriot Marquis, which is the world’s tallest pure hotel (Fun fact: almost 40% of its space is wasted on the design).

Their police vehicle fleet is made up of Lamborghinis and Bugattis. Enough said.
If you want to feel like a prince or princess and have some disposable income lying around, take the time to book a flight to Dubai and see what all the fuss is about. It’s sure not to disappoint. P.S. The Dubai Mall (Dubai’s \"Dubai2\"luxurious and famous mall) has an indoor skiing resort.

Want to know some fun facts about Dubai as laid out in Business Insider’s article about the flourishing city?

  1. 1 out of every 4 cranes in the world is located in Dubai
  2. In 2013, 40% of all gold traded in the world occurred in Dubai
  3. Dubai is building a climate controlled city 2.5 times the size of Monaco

Impressive, right?


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