Remarkable Rome

Rome is as magical as you might imagine it. It is one of the most historical cities in the world—home to the Roman Empire and the focal point of Christianity. Rome’s history is over two thousand years in the making and is one of the most visited cities in the world. Most people know about the Parthenon, the Coliseum, Roman Forum and the recently restored Trevi Fountain. But do you also know about some lesser-known gems in Rome?

\"AltareThe Altare Della Patria is a beautiful monument in the heart of Rome. Although not one of Rome’s classic historical sights, the monument is the largest monument in Rome and no short of beautiful. It towers over the main streets of Rome, honoring Victor Emmanuel, the first king of Italy once it was unified. Do not skip over this sight during your stay in Roma!

The Piazza Del Cavalieri Di Malta is a unique destination in Rome that allows you to admire Saint Peter’s Cathedral’s dome from the keyhole of an old door. There are also beautiful gardens where you can admire the city and take in the beauty that is Rome. This site is truly a hidden gem in Italy’s capital and it will make you appreciate all that Rome has to offer.

Another attraction that tourists flock to each year but is not one of Rome’s main attractions is the Spanish steps. People line the 135 steps during the day and night where they enjoy food, gelato and take numerous selfies so that they can remember trips to the fascinating city.

Rome is full of history and amazing places to visit—you just need to know where to go! Make sure you see the classics and especially the lesser-known sights while you’re there. Book and trip and go! You won’t regret it once you see the breathtaking sights in the heart of Europe.

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