Some of the Best Along the Cali Coast

For some negative people out there, thinking about California can make them think about busy traffic, high crime, smog and the Kardashians. But for those who have a more positive outlook on life, California can mean beautiful mountains, stunning beaches, great food and diverse culture. In fact, California has something for just about everyone, whether you think so or not. But for us, when we think about California, the first thing to come to our mind is BEACHES!

California boasts a coastline that stretches about 840 miles and contains a LOT of beaches (way more than we could count!) So when traveling to California in search of the best beach, there’s a lot to consider! For some, you want a flat beach with beautiful water, while others want to see mountains or a busy pier.

Either way, California has a beach to fit the bill for just about every person, and we’re going to get our feet wet and dive into three different Californian beaches:

  1. Santa Monica State Beach

You know that iconic Ferris wheel on a pier typically photographed with amazing sunsets behind it? That’s Santa Monica State Beach. If amusement rides and great shops are your thing, the Santa Monica State Beach is for you. There’s also great parks just south of the pier that are super clean. To top it off, there’s a ton of parking! For those who’ve been to other places in Cali, you’ve probably noticed that parking is impossible—but not at the Santa Monica State beach!

  1. Salt Creek Beach

Salt Creek Beach is a fan favorite for locals who live in Orange County. Not only is it picturesque and great for picnicking, surfers love it too! This beach features has amazing tide pools and is actually just north of another great, walkable beach called Dana Strand Beach. If you’re with your family, this beach is definitely for you!

  1. Coronado Beach

How can you make a list of California beaches and not include Coronado Beach?! A personal favorite of ours, Coronado beach tops the lists every year for kids, families and couples alike! This popular San Diego beach is right where the famous Hotel Del Coronado sits and has a various of restaurants just a 5-minute walk away. Coronado Beach is a blast from the past with its’ colorful towns and beautiful neighborhoods. Do yourself a favor and make sure this beach is on your list!

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