A Mother\’s Day Gift Guide for Moms Who Love to Travel

We all owe a lot to our mothers. They cook for us, they clean for us, they gave birth to us and they shower us with love. So this Mother’s day, we owe it to our Moms to give them a great gift. Not only are there amazing gifts for a mom with the travel bug, but there are great trips you can take with them, too. Taking a trip with mom might be a little expensive, but hey, you owe them that much.

\"rma6\"In regards to gifts, a fitness tracker like the FitBit HR or Jawbone UP3 would be great so moms can track their activity on their next trip. You could end up walking 15 miles on a busy day of sightseeing it and have no idea if you don’t have a cool, new fitness tracker! If your mom is super sensitive to noise or loves to sleep on the plane to her next adventure, why not consider a pair of noise canceling headphones? Some of these handy gadgets don’t come cheap, but you can get a good pair at around $100 or less if you look hard enough! Another great gift could be a fashionable passport holder. Considering your passport is about the most important thing you need on your trip overseas, having a safe and convenient place to hold your passport is key.

A spontaneous (or planned for the future) trip with mom is also a much-appreciated gift. Moms do so much for us, so they definitely deserve a vacation from all the chaos that is being a mother. If you’re looking for something relaxing and pampering, why not go to a spa? Canyon Ranch in Arizona has great services and is in a beautiful location. You could take exercise classes, get a massage, take a cooking class or sit in a mud bath with mom. Another place you could go with mom if you live on the East cost is to Newport, Rhode Island. This low-key, but historical town is filled with beautiful mansions that once belonged to the Rockefellers and other famous 20th century families. You can tour these beautiful, old homes or take a cliff walk and then go out for lunch. Newport also has beautiful bed and breakfasts that are perfect for a weekend getaway with mom.

Regardless of where you go or what you get her, Moms appreciate us more than anyone else in the world, and they deserve to be appreciated too—so feel free to splurge.

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