Four Reasons to Visit Paris this Summer

What makes Paris so wonderful is a culmination of many different things. Some of these are more obvious like the architecture, both old and new, but there are so many other intangible, but impressive factors at play that make Paris so unique. This type of feeling can’t be found simply in books or movies. You have to go and actually feel everything Paris has to offer. But, for those of us who need convincing, here are our top 4 reasons to visit Paris this summer:

  1. Architecture

Though obvious, the architecture in Paris is truly one-of-a-kind and our number one reason to go. Besides the obvious Eiffel Tower, Musee de Louvre, Notre Dame Cathedral and Luxembourg Gardens, Paris has so much to offer that pictures just can’t do justice.

  1. Food

Do you really think we can start a list without mentioning food? Paris has extraordinary food where the best is truly exclusive to this amazing city. Think caramels, baguettes, chocolates and cheese! Need I go on? I didn’t think so.

  1. Outdoor Cinema

On any forum talking about Paris, you’ll find it nearly impossible to NOT stumble on the mention of the Cinema en Plein Air at Parc de la Villette. This outdoor theater offers everyone a chance to kick back in a lying deck chair at night in front of a giant, inflatable screen. Sounds amazing, right? You can also bring any picnic supplies and blankets—which make it even better.

  1. Shopping

Though shopping can technically be done any time of year, shopping in Paris is especially amazing when the weather is nice and you can enjoy popping from shop to shop. Our favorite? Boulevard Saint Germain. You’ll want to bring your camera along for this shopping trip because this street is your quintessential “Paris” shopping spot. Starting at Seine River in the 7th, Boulevard Saint Germain is lined with lush trees and picturesque Parisian buildings. It’s also chock-full of shops for home décor, fashion and food. This street truly has it all and is well worth your while on your visit.

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