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Prague is a hot spot for tourism year-round, with good reason. Voted #6 on TripAdvisor Travelers’ Choice Destinations for 2016, Prague has so much to offer for those interested in history, good food or remarkable music—not to mention extremely cheap beer.

\"Prague\"The beautiful, cobblestone streets contain many secrets as well as the more popular tourist destinations like the Charles Bridge, Jewish Quarters, Old Town Square and Prague Castle. Did we mention the Žižkov Television Tower? Ranked one of the world\’s ugliest landmarks, the Žižkov Television Tower is adorned with sculptures of crawling babies that are seemingly crawling their way to the top of the tower. Odd, yes. Interesting and worth taking a look at? Of course.

Another interesting sight to see while in Prague is the Dancing House designed by famed architect Gehry (who recently designed the tallest apartment building in NYC that has made itself a staple in the NYC skyline). Yes, this house does look like it’s dancing and is an amazing architectural feat. Stop into one of the beer gardens or even the tourist restaurants for some amazing goulash or stew. Hint: try the biscuits–they’re amazing.

The area around one of the most popular tourist spots, The Prague Castle, also has some hidden gems as well. These hidden gems include breathtaking views of the city, amazing hidden souvenir shops that sell hand-painted ornaments and beautiful Bohemian glass and restaurants that are less known to the public.

Make sure you take a walking tour of Prague (they’re usually free!) and learn all about Prague’s fascinating history and experience with communism before becoming the capital of the Czech Republic in 1993.

However, perhaps the most amazing aspect about Prague is its beauty and simplicity. The red rooftops of most of the buildings, the Vltava river that splits both sides of Prague apart and its tendency for the most spectacular sunsets make Prague a place that will take your breath away and fall in love with Eastern Europe.

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