Not Your Average Hotdog

Spring has finally arrived. The rain will start to fall, the flowers will start to bloom and the weather will get warmer. And there’s just one thing we’re looking forward tobarbeques. Although it might not be perfect barbeque weather just yet, barbeque season is the best season to grill up some burgers and dogs. But don’t just cook any old boring hotdog. If you’re looking for inspiration to make your BBQ WOW your guests—check out these locations across America.

\"rma7\"The Senate Restaurant in Cincinnati is an amazing place for hotdog-inspired deliciousness. These aren’t just any old dogs—they’re gourmet, beautiful and delicious. Don’t believe it? Check out The Senate Restaurant and try their “Hello Kitty 2.0” (beef hotdog, wasabi mayo, ponzu-wasabi slaw, bacon, wasabi peas, sesame seeds), “Lindsay Lohan” (beef hotdog, goat cheese, caramelized onions, bacon, arugula, balsamic & tons of drama) or their “Croque Madame” (beef hotdog, béchamel, black forest ham, brioche bun & poached egg). Hungry yet? We bet. You won’t regret trying (or replicating) all of the dogs that The Senate has to offer.

Another classic stop for a delicious hotdog is Crif’s in New York City. Like \”The Senate,\” these hotdogs are innovative but are also served with curious toppings that will make your mouth water. The “garden state” includes a Taylor ham-wrapped dog, chopped pepperoncini, American cheese and mustard. Meanwhile, their “Spicy Redneck” dog pays homage to the south with a bacon-wrapped hotdog, chili, coleslaw and jalapenos. No, we are not kidding. Yes, you should make these at your next BBQ. P.S. Visit their website and be entertained by a dancing hotdog.

And finally, at Dog Haus in Pasadena, California and Las Vegas, you can chow down on and get great inspiration from some yummy and trendy dogs. These include the “Sooo Cali” which is topped with wild arugula, spicy basil aioli, crispy onions, avocado and tomato (YUM) and the “Grand Slam” that comes with smoked bacon, fried egg, tots and siracha.

Hopefully, these \’dogs have inspired you to visit one of these hotdog locations yourself or even cook up an innovative one yourself.   Your BBQ is sure to be delicious and popular if you take a page out of these books! And just a tip: regular hotdog buns will not hold all of the deliciousness that these dogs have to offer.

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