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There\’s a new way to get from place to place, and it doesn\’t involve being driven by an unlicensed chauffeur. JetSmarter is the newest app to configure transportation, but their method is slightly different. They deem themselves as, the \”UberPool for planes.\” Yes, you read that right. You can now order a private plane through the click of a button.

\"rma2\"JetSmarter is an application that you can download on iOS or Android devices. From there, you can connect with other travelers going to the same destination as you and book private planes. Or, if you are so inclined, you don’t have to share a private plane, and can book your own trip without other travelers.

So if you have a couple million lying around to become a member of JetSmarter, you can acquire access to a database of various private jets and begin booking your trips today. BONUS: You can enroll as a family or through your business to fly with family, friends and coworkers. As another added bonus, JetSmarter will provide complimentary helicopter rides to and from New York-area airports, to the Hamptons from Manhattan and to and from Chicago airports.

Some (extremely) wealthy and famous people have backed the app, such as Jay-z (hip-hop royalty) and the Saudi royal family (actual royalty). If you choose to share your jet with other JetSmart users, you might even meet other rich celebrities, business owners or influencers.

Now, before everyone gets their hopes up, JetSmarter says, \”We are in the business of finer things, and making them accessible to you..\” Aka, this is going to be extremely expensive. Upon membership, you actually receive a 24k gold-plated membership card! So, unfortunately, JetSmarter is only for the super wealthy. But hey, maybe it\’ll catch on and there\’ll be a more reasonable, JetSmarterX? We can only hope.

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