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The Eurail Pass (formerly known as the Eurorail) aids travelers from all over the world in experiencing Europe while traveling economically. With a pass, tourists have been able to travel throughout 28 countries since 1959. Premier trains (if there is such a thing) like the Eurostar, AVE and TGV require an additional supplement, but overall, getting a Eurail Pass is significantly cheaper than flying from destination to destination. Since non-European residents only can use the Eurail pass, it’s a popular seller with tourists.

\"Eurail\"The prices are expensive when you pay at once, but compared to flights between countries (which can vary from $50-200), you definitely get the most bang for your buck when purchasing and using the Eurail. For instance, you can travel a total of 17 days (1 travel day = 24 hour period of traveling, which can be done to and from most European countries) for 2 months for $672. This is known as the “Global Pass” which is purchased by over 100,000 people each year. Buying this pass could mean traveling the equivalent of 17 different countries in 2 months! Think of the possibilities.

Having a hard time visualizing all of the places you could go? Let us help you out. You could start your trip on a beach in Portugal, move on to the historic and beautiful city of Madrid, travel up to the beaches of Nice, France, then zip up to Brussels, Frankfurt, Germany, down to Rome, Italy to see the Roman Forum and soak up some Italian culture and you would still be able to see 12 more countries or cities. You can travel from beautiful, fashionable and foodie-heaven Paris to cool chic and historic Amsterdam in only 3 hours and 20 minutes.

Another plus of the Eurail Pass is that it gets you some pretty great discounts on other forms of travel and accommodations. For example, all of Spain’s 130 HUSA hotels have discounted rates with the Eurail pass. You can also take buses using your Eurail and boats to various islands. Did we mention children ride free? So check out the Eurail, its various packages and all it has to offer. Europe never disappoints, and neither will the Eurail. It\’s a haven for the money-conscious traveler.

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