\”Do you come from the land down under?\”

When you’re traveling in the land down under—the great country of Australia—there are many cities to consider visiting. But if you can only get one week off, don’t have a lot of time to travel or have a bit of a travel budget, there’s one city in particular that you will need to see. Sydney, Australia has all an Australian-newbie would want and more out of a trip. Just listen to some of the amazing things you can do while visiting Sydney.

\"Sydney4\"Sydney has a beautiful harbor that tourists flock to each year. So make sure to do everything you can on Sydney’s harbor. This includes a tour of the Royal Botanic Gardens on Sydney’s coast, a relaxing and beautiful way to begin your vacation. The Sydney Opera house (you’ve seen pictures) is a magnificent structure also on the harbor where you can catch a breathtaking show or just bask in the architectural beauty of the building.

If you’re a little bit of a daredevil, you can cross the Sydney Harbor Bridge—on foot. With an experienced guide, you and your travel companions can get strapped in and walk along the path high above the cars, boats and water. Climb the bridge at sunset for truly spectacular views and an amazing experience.

If you want to relax, take a trip to Bondi Beach where you can partake in Sydney’s culture and catch some rays on the sand. You can also see a lot of surfing—something Australia is famous for.   Then, travel to the Sydney Tower Eye, a breathtakingly tall tower that allows you to gaze across the city and catch a glimpse of the Blue Mountains that border the beautiful city.

This guide doesn’t even capture half of what makes Sydney an amazing city. But if you have a limited time, make sure you catch all of these great destinations. And even though it wasn’t included, make sure you leave time to eat (Sydney’s food. Enough said.)!

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