More Than Just \”April Showers\”

We’re getting ready for April. Travel season is about to rear its (not-so) ugly head and people all over the world will start taking the vacations of their dreams. Although it might not be super warm in many places around the world in April (think: Europe and North America), there are plenty of gorgeous places with beautiful weather to visit during the first full month of spring.

\"april3\"In Kyoto, Japan, there is no better time to visit than in April. Cherry Blossoms are in full bloom and the landscape looks like a beautiful, pink ocean.  For those who love nature and culture all in one vacation, visiting Kyoto in April is the best of both worlds. While in Japan, you can also visit other amazing cities like Tokyo and immerse yourselves in the Asian culture, architecture and food.

Casablanca, Morocco is another place to visit in April before the temperatures get unbearable in the summer. The famous city, along with tourist-filled Marrakesh, both have mild temperatures at all hours of the day. The beautiful mosques, enthralling culture and beachfront views (in Casablanca) make Morocco an ideal place to visit in April.

\"april2\"Another place to visit in April is the Netherlands. And like Kyoto, Japan, the Netherlands thrives in the flower-blooming month. Tulips are in full bloom during April, and people come from all over the world to see how beautiful these tulips are. The Netherlands is the most famous region in the world for these delicate and lovely flowers. Along with being safe and friendly, the Netherlands has much to offer, including great food (Pancakes of all shapes and flavors) and their famous windmills.

Vatican City in Italy is also the perfect place to go during April, which contains the holy day of Easter and fabulous celebrations in the home of Christianity. You can attend mass with the Pope, or if you’re less into religious ceremonies, you can experience the Vatican museums, Greek architecture, beautiful April weather, the Sistine chapel and so much more. Traveling to the right place in April will convince you that although there may be April showers, there’s also a thing or two to appreciate about this transitional month.

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