Bright lights, great uniforms?

EasyJet, a European low-cost airliner, is changing the aviation game yet again. Except this time, it’s not in the way you would expect. No, they didn’t create a new airplane, lower their prices or design new features for their low-cost planes.

\"easyjet2\"\"easyjet1\"To mark their 20th anniversary, they revamped their flight attendant’s uniforms—and in a big, cool and bright way.

EasyJet was created in 1995, aiming to be a low-cost, all-economy airline based in Britain’s London Luton Airport  Their airplanes travel to 32 countries with a fleet of over 200 airplanes. They have since become the United Kingdom’s largest airline with the most passengers carried each year, mostly due to the skyrocketing (and ridiculous) airline costs of the past decade.

So, to commemorate their success, EasyJet hired a costume design company named CuteCircuit (the same one that often creates costumes for Katy Perry—you know, the ones that light up and amaze millions of people) to create new, radical uniforms for their flight staff.

The uniforms are outfitted with tons of wearable technology and light up in orange and red hues. Although the aim of these uniforms is to improve communication and passenger safety, the design is of more interest to the general public–think futuristic, space movie uniforms.
The uniforms have built-in cameras, air quality sensors and microphones to aid in communication with other flight attendants, LED lighting and other cool features. Once debuted in 2016, there’s a sure bet that people will be taking an EasyJet flight just to see what the flight attendants are wearing.

Having a rough flight? There’s nothing a good LED uniform can’t fix.

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