Emoji Room Service

Did you download the new set of emojis on the iPhone? If you didn’t, you should get on it, like right now. Especially because those new taco and champagne emojis could come in handy if you are ever staying at the New York-based Aloft Hotel.

\"Emoji\"Yes, you heard right. emoji room service is here to save the 21st century. The service called TiGi (Text it, Get it) launched last Wednesday to the delight of the millions of emoji users across the country. We have taken room service innovation to the next level, folks.

Various room service kits—all of which are ordered exclusively through emojis—include “The Sightseer”. The Sightseer, which can be ordered using the “Statue of Liberty” emoji, includes a $10 metro card, city map and 2 drinks at W XYZ.

Don’t know what you want? Get the “Surprise Me”, which includes—verbatim—Fun Swag and Cool Stuff.

Want to know how to order via emoji if you ever find yourself in Manhattan’s financial district at the Aloft Hotel? The answer is simple. Just text the string emojis and your room number to the specified phone number and hit send. Give it a little time, and your room service will be delivered directly to your door—no words needed.

It’s a concept that might be popping up in hotels everywhere after they realize how easy and entertaining it is to order various food items and city packages with a few fun emojis.

Want to be even further entertained by Aloft Hotel’s emoji room service? Check out Mashable’s article here.


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