South Korea\’s Gem

There’s a city bursting with energy, lights, culture and people—it’s surprisingly neither New York, Tokyo nor Singapore. This city is in a country you wouldn’t expect, the world’s 2nd largest metropolitan area, 4th largest metropolitan economy, Asia’s most livable city and the city ranked first in technological readiness in the world. South Korea’s Seoul is one of tourism’s hidden gems.

\"seoul2\"This megacity does not disappoint tourists from all over the world—maybe partly due to the fact that Seoul is home to the world’s largest underground mall.

Lotte World, the world’s biggest indoor theme park, is a must-see for families or people who love adventure. There is also an outdoor section for when the weather is especially nice. Inside Lotte World is an underground mall, luxury hotel, monorail and museum. It’s basically an amazing, indoor version of your favorite Disney Land.

Inside the headquarters of Samsung Electronics, a popular tourist attraction, the digital showroom will leave you in technological awe. Don’t miss out on the chance to be able to see where one of the world’s biggest technology company is headquartered.

Another interesting sight, The Cheonggyecheon Stream, is a 3.6 outdoor manmade stream that oozes serenity and modernism. It’s over 15 ft below street level—next to one of the busiest streets in Seoul—but its depth makes it a quiet, beautiful and serene place to make your way through the city. There are walking tours available, as well as waterfalls, bridges and plenty of other tourists to keep you company.

One final place that shouldn’t be missed is the War Memorial of Korea. Given Korea’s history—it’s still at war with its northern neighbor—the memorial and history museum has centuries of history within its walls. If you have had your fair share of shopping and fun in Seoul, this is one museum that will take your breath away and teach you a good amount about South Korea’s history.

Don’t miss out on a fun and cultural experience, one that you may not have known about before. While China and Japan have their share of enriching, beautiful and culture-filled cities, don’t forget that South Korea does too!

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