Exploring England

England is a well-known country with famous cities, food and people and is the epicenter of the world. But when people go to visit the renowned European country, they may know of little else but London, Manchester (if you follow football—ehem—soccer) or Oxford (You know, because of the elite university). So, instead of only going to London and missing all else there is in England, check out some of the other amazing places to visit.

A good place to start is the Royal Pavilion in Brighton, otherwise known as the Taj Mahal of England. This formal royal residence has the appearance of the Indian palace and attracts many visitors because of its beautiful architecture alone. The royal residence began its construction in 1787, giving it history and culture.

The beautiful fishing village of Port Isaac, Cornwall is somewhere else you should consider going on your visit. Not only is the city homey, warm and beautiful but it has some great local pubs. For some good food and music, Port Isaac is the way to go.

The National Park of North York Moors holds the beautiful Sutton Bank, which has stunning views and greenery and an amazing landscape. This quintessential English area has twisting roads and beautiful places to stay.

\"rma5\"Stonehenge cannot be left out when visiting England. The mystery behind its origins is something that fascinates visitors and natives alike. This UNESCO World Heritage site could have been a burial ground, a place of worship or a place to hold rituals. We may never know, but we can visit and admire its ancient beauty.

Regardless of where you go in England, there is bound to be a beautiful monument, city or park nearby. Try the York City Wall or Bath in Somerset if you’re still looking for some cool places to visit. London is absolutely amazing, but England holds some other hidden beauties as well.

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