Vacations Without Passports

No passport? No problem. If you’re looking for a tropical getaway before the tropics give in to the wrath of the summer heat, you need look no further than United States’ land and territories. There are plenty of places close to or part of the great US of A that don’t require you to show your passport or go through customs (a.k.a. a huge PAIN).

\"rma2\"Guam, part of the Marina Islands and a U.S. Territory, is a great place to vacation if you’re looking for beautiful beaches. There is a ton of cultural influences present in Guam, and you definitely will not feel like you are in the United States. Although Guam might not be close to the United States (it is a 3-hour plane ride from Japan—which is FAR from the east coast), visiting Guam is a cultural experience filled with some great options for food, drink and activity. Guam also boasts an underwater aquarium tunnel that is not to be missed!

The Florida Keys are another place to get your fill of vitamin D and have some fun on U.S. soil. The warm and pristine water of the Gulf of Mexico makes the Keys a perfect place for a close and fun vacation. There\’s a slew of luxurious and expensive resorts as well as a good amount of small hotels and bed and breakfasts. Either way, you’re guaranteed to have fun and appreciate the Keys’ beauty.

The U.S. Virgin Islands are absolutely beautiful and are filled with tons and tons of resort possibilities (think: St. Croix, St. Thomas and St. John). Since 1917, the United States has been able to call these islands its own and Americans have flocked there to vacation ever since. In St. Croix you can tour various rum distilleries for companies like Captain Morgan, which will make for a fun afternoon.

So, hop online and Google these glorious islands to plan your next tropical vacation. Some are close and some are far—but they are all beautiful and worth a trip!

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