If you have two weeks to travel Europe…

If you have two weeks to travel in Europe, you might have a pretty difficult time deciding where to visit. Some of the world’s most exquisite cities lie within Europe’s borders (think: Paris, London, Rome, most other cities in Europe). But if you have two weeks and would like to stay in one country the whole time, Spain is your best bet. In Spain, there is no shortage of beautiful cities and a variety of cultures. While Spain might be one country in itself, the various states and cities carry cultures, languages and customs of their own. While essentially all Spanish cities are worth visiting, there are a few that you cannot miss when visiting Spain.

\"rma3\"Madrid is the beautiful capital of Spain that lies in the middle of the country. Madrid has beautiful parks, such as the Retiro Park, and is home to one of the most famous, well-known museums in the world, the Prado Museum. Also, at the Reina Sofia Museum, Pablo Picasso’s most famous painting (or one of them), “Guernica” is housed at 11 x 25 feet. The Royal Palace of Madrid is also a breathtaking sight to see. In addition to the architecture, the palace’s rooms each have a color-scheme and are decorated in marble, gold and intricate tile work.

One of the more eccentric and common places to visit in Spain is the city of Barcelona, which is home to some magnificent beaches, colorful art, people and culture. Make sure you try their tapas–which are small plates that you can get at almost any restaurant in the city. Barcelona also has a fun nightlife, with hundreds of themed bars and clubs on the beach.

If you’re looking to experience Spain’s cultural flamenco dances, you want to check out Seville, where flamenco shows are performed at hundreds of restaurants and theatres around the small city. Game of Thrones, a popular HBO TV show, was actually filmed at the Real Alcazar of Sevilla. Sevilla is also famous for its oranges, which are beautifully laid on trees throughout the city but have a bad, sour taste to them.

While we can’t describe all of the amazing cities to visit in Spain, a few others include Granada, Valencia, Bilbao and Salamanca. When you have a chance, check Spain out. It’s beauty and diversity will astound you.

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