United Club Lounges are Getting Better

Over the last ten years, a trend in airline accommodations has prevailed: higher costs for less amenities. From rising charges to smaller meals, your in-and-out-flight experience has deteriorated without so much an explanation. This is changing.

With the advent of cheaper airline costs due to lower oil prices and better technology, fliers are starting to demand more out of airlines. With this, airlines are starting to invest more in passenger services (except for Spirit Airlines who totes being the worst domestic airline) and realizing opportunities to gain business with more accommodations.

United is doing this best. By remodeling their lounges from basic to aesthetically pleasing and remodeling their food-choices, United Club is now at the forefront of airport lounges for premium customer. Also, United is gaining a strong advantage over other airlines’ lounges that have failed renovation for decades.

Want to see what they\’ve done? Check out these pictures below:

\"United2\" \"United3\" \"United1\"

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