Bloody Sunday and Blood Sausages: The Travel Channel’s New Show \”Breaking Borders\”


Are you an avid traveler that is not so much into tourism? Do you often go to places unknown or unheard of by most of your friends and colleagues? Are you one to scarf down exotic food while hearing stories of struggle and woe (or watching the news)? Well, the Travel Channel has developed a series that might be for you.

As a channel normally filled with superficial travel information, the Travel Channel surprised me with its new series Breaking Borders. The show, unlike any others before it, turns to politically stricken areas to see the political issues and food cultures present. Moving from Northern Ireland to Israel and Palestine to Bosnia, the hosts are illustrating the influence of conflict on food and culture of the regions.

Rather than viewing the world as a place of enemies, this show is attempting to show similarities in sides that view themselves as opposites. Also, in a beautiful display, each episode brings opposing sides to the table, well the dinner table.

Here’s a link to the show’s website.

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