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Treat yourself this holiday season. Sit back, unwind and get a massage (or two). What better place to do such than at Rancho La Puerta Spa in Mexico—only a short drive from San Diego. It all started out in 1940 as a “health camp” where interested clients could go hike, eat healthy food and unwind. But it has since transformed into something so much more. Check out some of its main draws:

\"RLP2\"Spa: This is the main selling point (for anyone who loves to get pampered—which should be everyone) for Rancho la Puerta. Their spa is a huge reason why over 50% of their clients come back for a second time. They have treatments that include hot stone massages, a chocolate skin replenishment (who knows what that is but it sounds amazing), custom facials, seaweed wraps, manicures and pedicures. Although these treatments are not included in your stay, it’s definitely worth spending some extra money to feel brand new again.

Fitness: Rancho la Puerta is adjacent to the beautiful Mount Kuchumaa. Meaning that there are great hikes leaving from the spa 7 days a week. You can take a short, one-mile hike or if you’re feeling serious about fitness, a 5-mile hike.   You can also take some of their various fitness classes, which include Pilates, yoga and tennis.

Food: Because food and eating are just about the most important things in life, Rancho la Puerta doesn’t disappoint with its locally sourced gourmet (and mostly vegetarian) cuisine designed to cleanse your body and give your taste buds a treat. Food is included in the rate and includes homemade pasta with locally sourced mushrooms, fresh halibut and blueberry and peach cheesecakes. You can even take a cooking class and learn how to prepare some of the goodness that you’re being served.

So love yourself this holiday season with a visit to Rancho la Puerta. Your mind, body and soul is sure to thank you—even though your wallet might not.

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