Six Ways to Save While Traveling

We get it, travelling is expensive. Sometimes, it’s so expensive that you might be thinking you can’t go home for the holidays or go on that vacation that you deserve—and need. There are some ways to lessen the pain, soften the blow and leave at least some of that hard-earned money in your pockets. Take a look at some carefully compiled tips from sources around the world that will help you stress less and travel more this winter.

  1. Look at peak times and days – Reminder: flying early in the morning, late at night (think: red-eye) and on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays will save you the most money. And although it may be only $25-$75 in savings, that’s all the more you can spend on yourself or getting a holiday gift for someone you love.
  2. Book your flight on a Monday or Tuesday – this is when prices are a little lower after the weekend demand subsides.
  3. Pack LIGHT – And we mean light. Having to pay $100 for an extra bag just isn’t worth it. Try this: plan out your outfit for each day ahead of time so you don’t over pack. Also, find out if there is a washer or dryer where you’re staying. This way, instead of bringing two pairs of jeans, you need only bring one!
  4. Say YES to the voucher – in the holiday season airlines often offer big bucks (in the ballpark of $300 in a voucher or free airline ride) if you offer to step aside and wait for the next flight. Although this prolongs travelling and forces you to hang out at the airport a little more than desired, nothing beats free trips.
  5. Fly where others don’t – Flying into or out of a less popular airport could save you hundreds. Driving to your destination might be a little longer, but flying—for instance—to Philadelphia instead of New York could be the difference between going out for nice, expensive dinners or eating somewhere, well, less nice.
  6. Ditch the hotel (if you can) – If you’re planning on staying in a hotel, think twice. Hotel prices are extremely high during peak times, especially during the holidays. Try a site like AirBnb, which lets you rent apartments, rooms or suites for less. There may not be amenities like there are in hotels, but you’re bound to save a few.

Smart travelling, folks!

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