Traveling in the Cold

Breaking a 120 year low, the Washington-area has dipped into record freezing temperatures that could affect your travel. With expectations of continued bad weather, be sure to prepare for the worst while getting around or into the city.

If you are planning on flying into the District sometime within the next two weeks, be sure to schedule your flight with caution, especially if you have to be somewhere on a deadline. Also, if you are driving, or even walking, watch out for ice. Too many people slip on the icy pavement and caution is crucial. Finally, dress warm.

In case you\’re not exactly sure of how warm to dress, here are some ideas of acceptable winter wear:

1. A totally-normal jacket.










2. A \’gortex\’ jacket








3. Have your mom dress you. Mom\’s always know what\’s acceptable.









4. How about asking your grandmother what\’s acceptable to wear during the winter?










5. Finally, learn from your dog.









Whether taking a flight or just going out and about during the cold, learn from those around you. Stay warm and stay safe. Spring is just around the corner!


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