Chinese New Year: Technology and Travel

Think New Years is the absolute worst day to travel? Well, you’re right. But we\’re not talking about January 1, we\’re talking about today: February 19th.


Every year, millions of city-dwellers in China—80 million traveled on Monday alone—will migrate out of the major cities to celebrate the Chinese New Year. According to  Baidu spokesperson Kaiser Kuo, “You’re basically looking at the serious intensity of travel in this holiday. It’s not just the world’s biggest human migration, it’s the biggest mammalian migration.”

Baidu, the Chinese search engine that mimics Google, used log-in data from its app to track the migration of Chinese seasonal migrants this year; though it raises questions of confidentiality, this could mark a new trend in travel information. Using trip data like this could enable transportation officials to prepare for surges in travel and improving seasonal infrastructure, especially with the recent changes in global travel trends. The changes in technology are the most apparent with travel data, booking, and customer services becoming facilitated through the use of technology. With these changes, expect a faster and easier customer experience.

What are your thoughts about using technology in this way? Do you think it will help travel, or do you think it infringes on your privacy? Comment below and let us know your thoughts!

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