\”To infinity and beyond\”

Have you been thinking about outer space lately? From Matt Damon’s new movie The Martian; to the blood moon and the 200,000 people who applied to live on Mars in 2025, zero gravity is very top-of-mind. The Kameha Grand Hotel in Zürich, Switzerland is banking on that as they introduce a space-themed suite—equipped with a zero gravity bed that looks like it\’s floating in space.


The phrase “to infinity and beyond” was taken to a whole new level when artist Michael Najjar transformed this whole suite into a design that made it look like an international space station. While conceptualizing this design, Najjar was training for his own civilian journey into outer space before he designed the “Space Suite”. The experience will only set you back a small $2,000 a month, which is undoubtedly cheaper than a real trip into outer space (think: millions).

But for space fanatics, going to the Space Suite might just be worth it after you see the universe’s constellations while taking a shower. One hour of a simulated flight in an A320 Space Shuttle will seal the deal and is included in a two-night package.

With lights shaped like rocket engines, space memorabilia on every wall and an automated voice welcoming you to your stay, the Space Suite gives you a celestial experience and can help you shoot for the stars without even leaving your hotel room.

Although they can never measure up to the Space Suite, check out other themed suites at the Kameha Grand.

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