Snacking in DC for less than $10

Even if you’re on a broke college kid budget, you don’t have to eat like it. We’ve all been there. You just paid rent, or something happened with your debit card and things are a little tighter than expected. Gone are the days of boxed mac and cheese and sad multicolored packages of ramen. Things don’t have to be that sad! Instead, embrace the under $10 lifestyle and venture around DC for some seriously delicious food.

\"dcAdams Morgan isn’t exactly known as a daytime destination around DC. Once night falls, the neighborhood is crawling with twenty-somethings decked out in the finest that Forever 21 has to offer. But, if you hit AdMo on a Thursday evening, you can find an excellent burger deal at The Black Squirrel. It’s $5.49 for a burger and fries (or a salad, if you’re that person). Bacon is a little extra, but so worth it.

If you’re feeling something a little less Americana, try Julia’s Empanadas. It’s $4.18 for a savory empanada and $2.50 for a sweet one. Plus, they’re basically pocket-sized, so you can snack and walk at the same time.

Head to another side of DC and get over to H Street. By far, the best food is over at Dangerously Delicious Pies. The name is just too fitting. It’s $6.50 to $7.50 per slice of pie. They’re ENORMOUS and absolutely worth it. The chicken pot pie is particularly killer. They also have a food truck which you can follow at @ThePieTruckDC

Another option is to head to Taylor Gourmet. They have a few brick and mortar locations throughout DC. Taylor offers six-inch Philly-style hoagies at about $7. They roast their meats in-house, which is not too shabby. Try the roast pork with broccoli rabe for a pseudo-healthy meal.

Eating cheaply doesn’t have to be a sad experience. Nor do you have to pay a bazillion dollars for a delicious meal. Listen to the Anthony Bourdains and the Andrew Zimmerns of the world. Venture off the beaten track and find something delicious.

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