The Travel Series: Thailand

Welcome to the launch of The Travel Series! Because RMA is a worldwide service, we thought it would be fun to take our readers on a worldwide journey to explore. Each week, we will highlight one place throughout the world and some highlights of what that place has to offer for our favorite travelers out there. Our goal is to inspire and help create adventures. So without further adieu, please welcome the first stop on our journey: Thailand.


Thanks to this article in The World Travel Guide, we are able to make our first stop to Thailand. Thailand has so much to offer to travelers. From ancient cities to beautiful beaches and large dance parties, Thailand truly offers something for everyone.

Boasting 16 million travelers flying into Thailand each year, it has become Asia\’s primary travel destination. Luckily, despite all of the outsiders, Thailand has managed to keep its cultural charm. When starting to plan your Thailand adventure, the first stop on everyone\’s list is Bangkok. Bangkok has all the temples and canal markets you would hope to see when going there. As you continue to venture into downtown Bangkok, you run into everything from skyscrapers to fashion boutiques and clubs. This is the place to go if you want a complete clash of old and new.


If the city isn\’t your thing, try heading over to the east coast island of Ko Chang. Ko Chang is known for its white-sand beaches and by long jungle-filled mountains. What makes it so great for some travelers is that Ko Chang offers no villages or tourist facilities within its dense mountains. Instead, it\’s filled with rivers and hiking trails that come inside of Mu Ko Chang National Park. If that is a bit too adventurous for you, stick to the white-sand beaches, particularly Hat Khlong Phrao, to get your fill of sand.


Finally, if you decide to head north, Chiang Mai is the place to stop. As a fetching historic city and an energetic cultural center, Chiang Mai is filled with traditional arts and festivals, specifically the Songkhran in mid-April. The ancient villages remain intact alongside the inner urban area that is at a much slower pace than the capital city of Bangkok.


As  you can see, there\’s so much that Thailand has to offer for travelers around the world. This is just a sneak peak that hopefully inspires someone for their next trip.

สนุกได้เลย! (Enjoy)

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