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According to the U.S. Travel Association, U.S. residents logged 452 million trips for business purposes in 2014. That\’s a big, big number! With this many people traveling for business, it\’s important to know of some tips or \”hacks\” that may make your travels a little easier.

1. Plan ahead. By planning ahead, you can avoid a lot of troubles that come when you are rushing. Some examples of planning ahead include checking into your flight the night before, packing early and getting to the airport early. Of course, things always happen that can mess with your plans, but by planning ahead you leave room for those \”extra things\” to happen without making you miss your flight. This type of early planning not only helps you get to your destination on time, but it helps keep your mind in a positive state so that you are not stressed during your trip.

2. Be patient. Patience is important when traveling anytime, especially for business. Expect long lines, expect traffic on the way to the airport and expect a crying baby on the airplane. If you know and expect certain things like this to happen, you can go into the trip mentally prepared for the potentially annoying situations that can come about when traveling.

3. Be kind. Kindness can go a long way, especially with flight attendants and other workers at the airport. It is statistically proven that if you approach someone in kindness, they treat you better and your chances of getting what you want go way up. An article in ABC News actually said, \”Compassionate people – specifically those who are able to read other people’s emotions, and communicate their own clearly – tend to not only be healthier and happier, but also more popular, and even more successful at work.\” Keep this in mind when traveling. It will make your experience much better.

4. Fly with carry-on luggage only. Flying with only a carry-on bag is the way to start your trip off right. By doing this, you avoid having to wait in line to check your bag, and you are able to go directly to security. This is also helpful after you land so that you don\’t have to wait at baggage claim.

5. Dress nice. By dressing nice, you avoid any potential stressful situations that can come about if there are delays. By flying in the suit you plan to do your presentation in, you avoid having to worry about going to your meeting in those sweatpants you wore on the plane. This also helps with packing because it\’s one less outfit you need to bring in your suitcase.

For more tips for easier business travel, check out the full article here.

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