Ride In Style: 3 Vehicle Options For Executive Transportation

The benefits of a chauffeured car service are self explanatory: you don\’t have to worry about traffic or meeting time restraints, you can get extra work done on the ride, and you can enjoy the luxuries that come in some of the finer models. However, some executive transportation services want to put you in a jalopy for the short trip from one building (or airport) to another. Rather than suffer in a random model, consider these stylish, more exciting forms of executive transportation.


  • Sedan: Some of the newest sedans are putting the classic models to shame. Sleek, subtle, and exceptionally professional, these vehicles are perfect for the quiet, serious type of businessman or businesswoman. Complete with all the amenities you could ever need in a four-door vehicle, including live traffic reports so you\’ll be sure to never miss a meeting.


  • SUV: These classy behemoths add a little more excitement to your morning commute — they\’re big, powerful, and demand attention. Traffic will part at the sight of a jet black, hulking, 2018 Dodge or Chevy SUV. If you\’re feeling adventurous, book a bright red or silver vehicle for a bit more flash; this is your executive car service, after all, so it should match your personality.


  • Limousines: They\’re not just for weddings and proms, we swear. You can roll up to your corporate event thanks to corporate limousine services that exist to meet your every need… some even have mini iPads and WiFi for your personal convenience. Fun fact: the longest limousine measured an absurd 100 feet — we\’re not saying you need to go that flashy and extreme, but a little attention never hurt nobody!

Let your next corporate event or out of town business meeting make a statement as much as perform a smooth function. Ride in style with a fabulous vehicle, especially if you\’re in a city you\’ve never visited before. Your simple ride from the airport to the hotel can become an adventure when you find your ideal form of executive transportation; if you have to work, you might as well have some fun with it.

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