3 Rules of Tipping Your Chauffeur

\"executiveUsing an executive transportation service for your business travel can be convenient, safe, and luxurious. Chauffers are dedicated and experienced chauffeurs who can provide you with timely and above par service.

Your business pays for you to use executive car services and that makes it all the more convenient but what about your chauffeur? Should you tip them when they\’ve done a good job? Is tipping allowed? If you\’re unsure about the rules regarding tipping your chauffeur, here are a few helpful hints.

Ask if tipping is allowed

Some companies may not allow you to tip the chauffeurs, although that might not be very common. Most travel companies take pride in their chauffeurs and encourage monetary tips to show that you appreciated their services. However, if you\’re traveling abroad, some cultures find tipping to be offensive so be sure to check first. If you\’re in the states though, you\’re probably okay to tip.

Ask if the tip is included

Car services may include the gratuity in the total bill, particularly for events. If you\’re taking overseas clients out for a night on the town in your limo, for instance, then you might forget about tipping your chauffeur. In those cases, the company might automatically add gratuity to the bill. However, it\’s important to ask the company if that\’s how they operate to avoid tipping twice or not at all.

How much should you tip?

In normal circumstances, you probably tip between 10% and 20% at places like restaurants and bars, right? Well, you can certainly still use that philosophy with your chauffeur but you can also scrap it completely. In other words, if your chauffeur goes above and beyond and provides exceptional customer service and experience, then you can absolutely tip them as much as you find fair. A good chauffeur knows the value of their service and will do the utmost to ensure that your experience is superb. Indicating to them that they did just that with a good tip is a great way to show your appreciation.

Executive transportation services are a key component of businesses worldwide and over $300 billion is spent annually on business travel in the U.S. alone. Ensuring that chauffeurs feel appreciated with a good tip is a great way to keep getting great service.

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