JFK changes travel with bone-shaped pools and “pawdicures”

John F. Kennedy International Airport is about to revolutionize the travel industry. Not because they pissed off their contractors so much that they briefly went on strike a few weeks ago. Nor because Nate Silver’s blog, FiveThirtyEight, recently ranked it as the second slowest major airport in the USA. Instead, they are doing something so much better. They’re making a doggie terminal. The New York Post recently reported that JFK is investing $48 million in an ARK terminal which caters exc

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Going Where No Man Has Gone Before Part II: North Korea

North Korea is called the Hermit Kingdom for good reason. Much like a hermit crab, they are weird, insane looking and have a crusty, near impenetrable shell. No one really wants to go in there and see what’s inside, but that sick, twisted curiosity inside you (the kind that slows down at car crashes) says to DO IT. It’s very important that you listen to that sick, twisted curiosity, even if the State Department advises against it at this time. Because North Korea is opening up. Thus begi

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Lookin’ Fly On The Road: New Accessories and Other Travel Swag

You don’t want to be in a suit all of the time. The ties choke. The panty hose run. Sometimes, you just have to relax a little bit. But at the same time, you don’t want to be hauling around neck pillows and attachable reading lights all in the name of pseudo relaxation. You want compact-ability and functionality. And, as an added bonus, you’ll look cute too. The Andiamo iQ is, to not be dramatic, the suitcase of the future. Six hundred dollars will get you all sorts of suitcase wonderfuln

Going Where No Man Has Gone Before. Kinda. Part I: Cuba

Globalization has allowed for cheaper goods, faster travel and better ease of access. The world is much smaller than it was 20 years ago. And it’s good to take advantage of this. In the wise words of Drake, you only live once. So get out of your comfort zone! Seize the day! What’s the best way to do this? Vacation in the Axis of Evil, obviously. Thus begins, a three part series on different silly and allegedly terror filled countries that are begging for your American dollars. Now, you’

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Two Different Utterly Ridiculous Ways the Airline-Powers-That-Be Are Trying To Ruin Your Life

On June 1st, the news finally broke: The TSA is terrible. According to ABC News, “An internal investigation of the Transportation Security Administration revealed security failures at dozens of the nation’s busiest airports, where undercover investigators were able to smuggle mock explosives or banned weapons through checkpoints in 95 percent of trials.” They had an overwhelming, and all too unsurprising, success rate of five percent. The same internal investigation concluded that despit

Indonesia is Truly Asia-ish

Indonesia is the world’s largest archipelago (a word more fun to say than to spell). According to the CIA, there’s 17,508 islands; a mere 952 are inhabited. To put it more succinctly, Indonesia is really big. Due to its prime geographic location, smack dab between the South China Sea and the Indian Ocean, Indonesia has been long regarded as a prime trading post. With each trader, they brought little smatterings of their culture. The diversity within Indonesia, be it biological or anthropolo

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3 Things to Bring to a Conference that Aren’t Business-Related

1. Your GoPro Just the other day, GoPro released a new, smaller and sleeker camera; the Hero4 Session. This is the newest update to their camera in nine years. It’ll be released for everybody on July 12th at a steal of $399. The Session is half the size of their previous editions and nearly half as light. There’s one button, to start and stop recording, for ease of use. The Session is much better for mounting on objects. You can stick this bad boy on a pair of bicycle spokes and get amazing

Get lost in Istanbul

You know it’s good when there’s a song written about it. Istanbul, not Constantinople. Turkey’s capital acts at the perfect starting point. It’s not quite Asia. It’s not quite Europe. And it’s not quite the Middle East. It’s a comfortable blend. It is, to borrow an American cliché, the perfect melting pot. Before you step onto Turkey, be warned. It’s not even worth trying to figure it out. Turkey’s geopolitical history is insane and twisted and amazing. The best place to get

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The Perfect Airplane Snack: An Unofficial Guide

Traveling is stressful. Traffic is bad. Lines are long. There is, inevitably, a screaming baby on your flight. But, with a little hope and resourcefulness, you can recover. It’s time to slap on your noise-canceling headphones and pray the free tv is alright. I mean, who can really watch that many episodes of The Big Bang Theory? Once you’re in your seat, firmly nestled, you get to eat your feelings. Variety is key here. You’re going to be stuck for a few hours, and you can’t live on dri

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Dumplings Galore

When you want to do a Nellie Bly and go around the world in less time than the average man, the best way to do it is at the helm of your kitchen table. Eat dumplings. Eat DC dumplings and you can quickly visit China, Japan and even another parts of the US. Doughy pockets filled with grilled meats and cheeses are the great equalizer. Language, culture and religion stand no chance to the simple dumpling. Found on every continent, each one has its own special cultural twist. Empanadas are hearty a

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