When Taylor Swift influences your travel plans: How to plan a safari

This weekend, pop goddess Taylor Swift released her newest music video Wildest Dreams. It’s set in the plains of Africa. You’re transported into a 40’s African movie set. Swift is transformed into a brunette and she falls in love with her devilishly handsome co-star. His sculpted chin and piercing gaze chisels a way into her heart amongst Africa’s savannas. It’s heartbreaking and it’s beautiful. Spoiler alert: her dreamboat co-star breaks her heart. When you watch it and decide that

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Bah-stahn, Baby

The leaves are about to change colors. It’s about to get a little colder, a little more blustery. You’re going to see more people in Bruins jerseys holding medium sized Dunks’ cups. Boston in the fall, man. It’s a sight to behold. Before planning your trip to Boston, choose your dates wisely. You absolutely, one hundred percent, do not want to go on September 1st. In fact, if you’re currently in Boston, don’t even leave your house. This is when thousands of moving trucks and disgrun

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Four of the best songs that seem like they should be about travel, but really aren’t.

Music makes things a little bit better. If you’re a nervous flyer, you can slap your headphones on, close your eyes, and press play. If you’re on a road trip, music tends to make the time pass by a little faster. Plus, there’s nothing better than a good ole’ fashioned sing-a-long. Music and travel and intrinsically linked, as they should be. Yet, because musicians are devilish little minxes, nothing is just about travel. It’s often about heartbreak. Family. Relationships. Using illici

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The Dead Sea

The Dead Sea, without sounding too clichéd, is an absolute oasis and somewhat of a scientific marvel. The Dead Sea lies between Jordan, Israel and Palestine. It’s used as a frequent weekend getaway for locals. It’s even become a location for Arab health researchers due to its unique chemistry and geological features. And, if you’re in the region, it’s definitely worth a visit. It is a salt lake that lies 1,407 feet below sea level. Because of the higher atmospheric pressure, due to the

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The Science behind Packing the Perfect Carry-On Bag: A Study

To be perfectly clear, there is no science behind this study. Instead, there are years of anecdotal and casual qualitative evidence. It’s possible to pack the perfect bag. One that will fit snuggly under the seat in front of you and allow you just enough foot room to stretch out a little bit. If you are judicious in your use of space and the amount of pockets your bag allows, you can have a very successful trip. Or, at least, you won’t be too miserable. The key is electronics. Practically e

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Why You Should Spend Time in A Surf Spot, Even If You Don’t Shred the Gnar

  Surfers are unique people. Despite all the stereotypes and clichés, they neglect to note that surfers are the best for picking out the best beaches. It’s almost like their "spidey-senses" tingle when a good wave passes by. While surfers know them as Pipeline, Swamis, or Turtles; you might know them as Haleiwa, Hawaii; Encinitas, California and Montauk, New York. Long Island is, traditionally speaking, not known as a surf spot. Instead, they’re known for terrible TLC shows, excellen

Street Food

Street food is nerve wracking. More often than not, it will come from a bubbling pot or pan. You don’t know when that thing’s been cleaned. The owner over the stall will likely have horrifying fingernails. The meat will be of a dubious nature. And it will be the most mouth-watering, delicious thing you have ever put in your mouth, ever. America’s relationship with street food is best represented at a carnival. Everything is on a stick and likely deep fried. There are boundless listi

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You’re Not Cool Enough for Berlin

A brief history lesson: seventy years ago, Berlin was partitioned into 4 separate and not-so-equal parts. The London Protocol deemed Berlin to be fair game because the city was basically destroyed. They needed a restart. The Soviets got most of East Berlin and the Allies (the US, the UK, and France) got to split the rest. The Soviets proceeded to do what they do best and dismantle any sources of happiness and industry. They also built really huge, gray, depressing buildings. When the USSR reali

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Two of the Coolest Hotels for Total Nerds

The Non-Copyright Infringing Harry Potter Hotel in London [caption id="attachment_5801" align="alignleft" width="300"] Photo cred: http://goo.gl/swOLq0[/caption] For those of you who were devastated to not have an owl swoop in your window on your 11th birthday to hand you your Hogwarts letter, this will do. The Georgian House Hotel, a bed and breakfast in Central London, calls their rooms “Wizard Chambers”, most likely to avoid the wrath of Warner Brothers and JK Rowling’s lawyers. There

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Going Where No Man Has Gone Before: Iran

In January 29, 2002, President Bush first used the term “axis of evil” in his State of the Union Address. He then continued to think it was a good idea to repeat the term over and over and over again during his presidency. As a history course refresher, he decided that Iran, Iraq and North Korea were the axis of evil and MUST BE DESTROYED!!! And thus begins the third of our trifecta, “Going Where No Man Has Gone Before: Iran” Recently, Iran has been thoroughly peppered throughout the n

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