Insider Tips For Executive Assistants Planning Corporate Travel

The responsibilities of a C-level executive assistant are many, from managing your boss\’s busy schedule to arranging their dinner plans. One of the most daunting tasks can be planning an executive\’s corporate travel arrangements. With so many factors that go into travel, it can be difficult to keep it all straight. Perfect your boss\’s travel plans by using these tried-and-true tips for arranging corporate travel.

Have Backup Plans For Last-Minute Changes

Travel plans can change suddenly for a million reasons. Whether your boss needs to stay an extra night in a foreign city, inclement weather causes flight delays, or an unexpected guest requires last-minute corporate limousine services, you need to be prepared for almost anything while your executive is traveling.

If you have a team of assistants, make one of them the point person for handling sudden itinerary changes. Make sure that they have a schedule of alternative flights and contact information for hotels, restaurants, and chauffeured executive transportation services that can take last-minute reservations. With phone-ins accounting for 90% of limousine reservations, simply having a rental company\’s phone number can make all the difference.

Make Sure You Can Access Travel Details Offline

You probably already know that you need to have all itinerary details, travel arrangements, and relevant contact information in one neatly organized document. It is also imperative that you can access this well-organized document wherever you or your executive are. Internet access isn\’t always a guarantee, especially if your boss is traveling to a foreign country or remote location.

There are a few effective offline options. You could export the document into a PDF and save that onto your devices. Alternatively, you could take a screenshot of the document so that all of the necessary information is in a convenient picture. If a print-out would work better for your needs, be sure to put it in a clear plastic sleeve for protection.

Prep Your Executive\’s Cell Phone

While they are traveling, your boss\’s cell phone is going to be their lifeline. You can make their experience much easier by installing a few helpful travel apps before they leave. If they are traveling internationally, currency exchange and language translation apps can simplify any interaction they have.

Many hotels also have apps that allow for online check-in, giving them the ability to relax much more quickly after a long flight. Be sure to equip their phone with the contact information for chauffeured executive transportation services and any of their favorite restaurants in the event they need to make their own reservations.

By following these pro tips, you can ensure that you create an enjoyable and stress-free experience for your boss. Start by booking the best in chauffeured executive transportation and contact RMA Worldwide Chauffeured Transportation today.

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