The smart suitcase

First we had the smartphone, and then we had smart appliances and smart cars. Now, for the seasoned traveler, we have the smart suitcase. Named the Space Case 1 by its creator company, Planet Traveler, this innovative and safeguarding suitcase lessens the stress of traveling and makes life a little bit easier while going through security, waiting for your flight and picking up your bag at baggage claim. The Space Case 1 is dubbed the “World’s Most Advanced Smart Suitcase” and has already

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Dubai is Awesome

Why not go to Dubai? After being named New Years Eve’s trendiest destination in 2015, being home to the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa—the world’s only 7 star hotel and the world’s 22nd most expensive city in the world, there’s no reason not to hop on a plane and take a vacation in this fascinating city. Dubai is a booming cultural and economic center of the Middle East, with lavish restaurants, hotels, parties, cars and businesses. It’s home to a beautiful beach and t

Emoji Room Service

Did you download the new set of emojis on the iPhone? If you didn’t, you should get on it, like right now. Especially because those new taco and champagne emojis could come in handy if you are ever staying at the New York-based Aloft Hotel. Yes, you heard right. emoji room service is here to save the 21st century. The service called TiGi (Text it, Get it) launched last Wednesday to the delight of the millions of emoji users across the country. We have taken room service innovation to the

Brave Man’s Bridge

You may have heard of the “Brave Man’s Bridge” or you may not want to. It made international headlines last year when the 590-foot high, 1,000-foot long bridge—made of glass 25 times thicker than normal glass—cracked only a few weeks after opening. Cue the horror, which is exactly what happened when tourists noticed the bridge’s cracks. But don’t worry—the bridge was closed for repairs and has reopened to the public. To calm you even more, only one of the three layers of glass o

“To infinity and beyond”

Have you been thinking about outer space lately? From Matt Damon’s new movie The Martian; to the blood moon and the 200,000 people who applied to live on Mars in 2025, zero gravity is very top-of-mind. The Kameha Grand Hotel in Zürich, Switzerland is banking on that as they introduce a space-themed suite—equipped with a zero gravity bed that looks like it's floating in space. The phrase “to infinity and beyond” was taken to a whole new level when artist Michael Najjar transforme

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Snacking in DC for less than $10

Even if you’re on a broke college kid budget, you don’t have to eat like it. We’ve all been there. You just paid rent, or something happened with your debit card and things are a little tighter than expected. Gone are the days of boxed mac and cheese and sad multicolored packages of ramen. Things don’t have to be that sad! Instead, embrace the under $10 lifestyle and venture around DC for some seriously delicious food. Adams Morgan isn’t exactly known as a daytime destination around D

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The Importance of Napping

I know a man who says jet lag is “a butt kicker” and “absolutely life ruining”. While he is prone to dramatics, the core sentiment is true. Travel has a special ability to zap you of all your energy, hopes and dreams. The key to fighting back? Treat yo’ self. It’s nap time, ladies and gentlemen. The key to having great sleep even while you’re traveling is to trick your body. Your body’s natural circadian rhythms can occasionally be manipulated. If you’ve ever chugged coffee a

Surviving the US Surf Open: A Three Step Guide

Huntington Beach is home to the US Surf Open. First held in 1959, the Open was created to honor surfing giants. Tom Curren has surfed Huntington Beach’s waves and has dominated. Andy Irons (rest in peace) and Rob Machado have all been champions. The Open is a part of the qualification process for the World Surf League and is the largest surfing event in the world. But if you're not into surfing, never go to Huntington Beach during the last week of July, heading into the beginning of Augu

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Bringing Startups into the Air

The sharing economy has become a political issue. Uber’s extensive problems have been well covered in the press. It’s even popped up during the presidential election, with candidates on both sides of the aisle commenting on the issue. But what if we brought the sharing economy sky high? Beacon promises an all-you-can-fly package for $2,000 a month. With just 15 minutes notice, you can guarantee your seat on a flight from New York to Boston. They offer seasonal flights to Nantucket and the

Staycations are Chic

Sometimes traveling sounds terrible. There’s lines. There’s the TSA who demand that all of your liquids fit into an impractically sized bottle. Your snacks will spill at the bottom of your bag and every time you reach for your wallet, your fingers will graze old crushed up cheerios. The idea is depressing. But there’s another alternative. It’s a little more zen and a little more cost effective. The staycation. Popularized during the recession, people decided to say yes to staying in m

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