Known as the heart and capital of Italy, Rome is a destination that cannot be missed by those that love to travel internationally. Whether you are visiting for just a few days or looking to spend your summer here, you will never become bored of this beautiful and ancient city. Eating, shopping and sightseeing are just a few of the thousands of things to do in Rome.

It is nearly impossible to walk down a street in Rome without seeing a building, sculpture or artwork of some sort without historical significance. First, start your sightseeing tour at the Colosseum, the ancient Roman gladiator arena. You can take a guided tour or listen through an earpiece about the history and significance of this incredible landmark. For a quick and fresh lunch on the go, visit the Mangio Bio, Caffetteria Faiola or the Trattoria Luzzi.

Next, walk a bit down the street to the ancient Roman Forum and see what\’s left today of the ancient city of Rome. Continue down this street to the Vittoriano Monument, nicknamed the “wedding cake” and climb to the top for some of the best views of. A short walk from here is the Piazza Navona, home to some of the best restaurants and night life in Rome. Make sure to go to Osteria Dell’Anima for one of the best dinners—the chicken with lemons and capers or the pear pasta are a fan favorite on the menu! In addition to the Piazza Navona, make sure to go to the Pantheon, built AD 118-125 by Emperor Hadrian. There are also great gelato shops near here!

Rome is also home to the Catholic Church, located in Vatican City. Here, one can tour the Vatican along with St. Peter’s Basilica and the Sistine Chapel. On Wednesday mornings, try to get out early to be a part of the Papal Audience. The architecture, art and views make Vatican City a can\’t-miss destination. The Vatican Museums are also another option to do while in Vatican City—rich in religion, culture and history of the Catholic Church!

End your trip by walking up the Spanish Steps at sunset. Here, there\’s always great shopping, music, and even better views. For a bit fancier dinner, try eating at Antica Enoteca for amazing food and a fun atmosphere! Or, at the bottom of the Spanish Steps, try Gigi’s—their Eggplant Parm is astounding!

Another option for a view of Rome is to visit Trastevere, a younger area of Rome with great nightlife and restaurants. If you visit the park in Trastevere, there is a beautiful outlook of the Tiber River and the city at the top of the park. In terms of a restaurant recommendation, try the Hostaria Del Moro Da Tony. If you tell the water that you would like to pay 20 Euros each, there is the option of a four-course meal—appetizers, meat, pasta, dessert—and multiple bottles of wine. Another option that is frequently recommended is the Dar Poetta. It\’s said to have the best pizza in all of town.

Don’t miss your chance to visit this cosmopolitan and historical city this summer!

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