Live Like Your Favorite TV Characters

We all have a favorite TV show or two. And there are iconic sets from every show where all the action takes place. For TVs biggest fans, you’ll obviously want to visit your favorite sets. Here is an inside look at your favorite television shows and where you can find the locations they’re filmed in.

First off, \”Breaking Bad\” is a crowd pleaser. It’s one of the best shows ever filmed, with amazing plot twists and even more amazing acting. If you want to see where the action went down, your main go-to is Albuquerque, New Mexico. 308 Negra Arroyo Lane is the site of the actual Breaking Bad house. And it is now an extremely popular tourist destination for those who love all things Breaking Bad (the infamous pizza-on-the-roof scene, anyone?)

\"TV3\"There are also Sopranos fans everywhere you turn. \”The Sopranos\” is an iconic mob series that took place in New Jersey and was filmed in many real-life locations. Holsten’s Brookdale Confectionery Ice Cream Parlor (where the infamous finale took place) is actually located in Bloomfield, New Jersey.   You can sit at the table where the finale was and pay respect to the late actor James Gandolfini, who played Tony Soprano. Everyone knows that NJ has the best diner food… so make sure you come hungry!

\”Girls—a new, hipster, fun and unique show starring Lena Dunham— is based in Brooklyn, NY. And Café Grumpy, where Lena’s character and her friends work, is real! It’s located in Greenpoint, Brooklyn and actually has multiple locations. Stop in and get a latte or some good pastries and live like the characters of \”Girls\” do.

\"TV2\"\”Friends\”. Don’t get me started. Everyone is jealous of Monica and Rachel’s HUGE (weirdly huge for New York City) apartment in Greenwich Village. While the interior shots were not filmed at an actual NYC pad, the exterior shots really are filmed on the corner of Grove and Bedford St. in Greenwich Village. Travel downtown and take a pic of this iconic apartment building that helped shape television for years to come.

So take a trip to one of these famous locations and revel in the fact that you are where your TV idols once stood. Television shapes America, and these places helped do so too.

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