Choosing Executive Transportation: Chauffeur vs. Black Car Services

Did you know that limousines were the first cars to be equipped with air conditioning, all the way back in 1939?

Just as they were back then, limousines are among the most luxurious vehicles to travel in. This makes them a top choice for executive transportation, along with chauffeured sedans. However, not all executive transportation services are created equal. When you’re looking for corporate limousine services or corporate sedan services, refer to this guide to make the right choice.

Chauffeured Sedan Services vs. Black Car Services

When it comes to choosing executive transportation, your options primarily come down to these two choices: either chauffeured sedan services or black car services (also referred to as limo services).

At first glance the two seem like they should be very similar, but in reality, they are usually quite different. Chauffeured sedan services are typically managed by large companies who are guaranteed to provide quality service. Black car or limo services are much smaller, simpler operations, usually involving independent contract chauffeurs with no real accountability system.

Read on to learn more about these two types of executive transportation services.

Black Car Services

As previously mentioned, black car services are not operated in the same way as professional chauffeured sedan services.

In most cases, the limousines or sedans being used do not belong to the company selling the services. Instead, they are owned by independent chauffeurs, who drive their personal vehicles on behalf of the black car service.

It’s very much like a traditional taxi cab service. When you call a local black car company, they contact and dispatch the chauffeur who happens to be nearest your location. While it may sound like a refreshingly simple system, problems can quickly arise because of a lack of accountability between chauffeurs and the service.

Vehicles driven by black car service chauffeurs are often not inspected for quality, condition, or cleanliness. The chauffeurs themselves are not obligated to arrive in any particular fashion, so they wear whatever they feel like putting on. Worse still, these chauffeurs often arrive later than scheduled — if they show up at all.

The only upside to many black car services is that their pricing tends to be lower than that of chauffeured sedan services. However, even this can come back to bite you, with fine print and unexpected fees being an unfortunate commonality among black car services.

Obviously, every service is different, and there are bound to be some very good black car service companies. But generally, you’re better off choosing professional chauffeured sedan services.

Chauffeured Sedan Services

On the other hand, professional chauffeured sedan services provide reliable, luxurious transportation to executives. Professional chauffeurs are thoroughly screened, trained, and tested to provide transportation that is efficient, safe, and discreet — and stylish as well. When you choose executive transportation services with a chauffeured sedan, you can rest assured that you and your guests will ride in comfort.

Vehicles used by luxury chauffeured sedan services are guaranteed to be clean, fully insured, well-maintained, and a newer, upscale model. It’s easy to see that, for most purposes, and certainly for high-end executive transportation, chauffeured sedan services are the way to go. For more information on executive transportation options, rely on RMA Worldwide Chauffeured Transportation today.

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