A Comprehensive Look at My Favorite London Spots

By Kelly Weiss

With just a hop across the Atlantic, you can be in one of the most bustling and cosmopolitan cities in the world. During my time in London, I compiled a list full of some of my favorite spots in this beautiful city! Including my favorite markets, landmarks, museums, and restaurants, I think this list can give any new London traveler enough information to get their plans started! What are your favorite London hotspots? Leave them in the comments section below!

1. Markets

  • Camden Market: Camden Lock Market is the one of the ultimate destinations in London for food, shopping and entertainment alike. Known as the creative and cultural spot in London, Camden Market highlights some of London\’s most unique artists and designers. Whether it is during the week or one the weekends, this is a can’t miss spot!
  • Portobello Market: This market is famous for beautifully colored homes, jewelry and great shopping! My recommendation? Go on the weekends and visit Farm Girl Café for a delicious brunch.
  • Borough Market: Located in the heart of London, this market is made for food connoisseurs and those foodies who love diving into the freshest of meat, seafood and produce available.
  • Brick Lane: Seeking various ethnic foods and amazing shopping? Brick Lane on a Sunday is the place to be! Don\’t forget to visit Dum Dum Doughnuts for a fresh and tasty pastry.

2. Historical landmarks

  • Tower Bridge and Tower of London: Walk across the beautiful Tower Bridge off the South Bank and watch the traffic as it travels beneath you under the clear walkway right across to the Tower of London.
  • Kensington Palace: Obsessed with Will and Kate like the rest of us? Visit their home at Kensington Palace and walk through the Kensington Gardens. Another don’t miss- Buckingham Palace!
  • Westminster Abbey: Speaking of Will and Kate, tour this historical landmark and see where they got married! You can also visit the graves of many of the greats of London’s history.
  • London Eye: For those who don\’t know, the London Eye is a gigantic Ferris wheel located on the River of Thames in London. Often called the Millennium Wheel, this Ferris wheel offers some of the most incredible views of London. If heights make you a bit squeamish, you might want to skip this one as the London Eye peaks at 443 feet!
  • St. Paul\’s Cathedral: This is a beautiful cathedral full of rich history. It\’s been open since 1708, so definitely make sure you take a tour.
  • Big Ben and Parliament: Finally, you can’t miss Big Ben and Parliament. Tours are offered throughout Parliament as well as the ability to sit on the House of Lords and House of Commons.

3. Museums

When spending time in any new city, museums offer the best way to cultivate knowledge and learn a little about where you are. The best part about London\’s museums is that they\’re free. So step out of the rain and hit up some of my favorites–you won\’t regret it!

  • Churchill War Museum: Visit the underground area where Churchill and fellow politicians and generals planned all of World War II. Not only can you visit their main strategy room, but also where Churchill slept, ate and lived throughout the War.
  • Imperial War Museum: The Imperial War Museum actually has five locations, three of which are in London. They focus on all things war and conflict. Come and make sure you go on each floor–they each are dedicated to a war that the United Kingdom participated in.

4. Restaurants

  • Muriel’s Kitchen: This place has an amazing brunch! Because it\’s so good, there\’s usually a line, so try to get there early as it is first come first served.
  • Ben & Bill’s: Ben & Bill\’s has–in my opinion–the best doughnuts and tea in all of London! Stop by for a midday cup of tea and a treat. You won\’t regret it!
  • Da Mario’s in South Kensington: Famous for being Princess Diana’s favorite restaurant, Da Mario’s is a taste of Italy in the United Kingdom. If you go, expect amazing pizza, pasta and endless wine options!

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