5 Reason to Visit Chicago this Summer

Sitting on the edge of Lake Michigan is one of America’s largest cities that’s known for its unique architecture, beautiful skyline and renowned museums; that’s right, we’re talking about the Windy City, folks. Chicago has so much to offer both residents and travelers, which is why we chose to highlight it this week. If you’re looking for a spot for your next long weekend getaway, look no further! Here are 5 reasons why you should stop by Chicago this summer:

  1. The Lakefront Trail

Chicago’s lakefront is one of Chicago’s most iconic assets. Stretching across 18 miles of Chicago’s edge sits a paved path that allows Chicagoans and visitors alike to run, walk, bike or rollerblade along the edge of Lake Michigan giving you a picturesque lake view on one side with the Chicago cityscape on your other side. The views on this trail are unlike any other when compared to other American cities, so it’s definitely worth stopping by if you\’re visiting.

  1. Lollapalooza

Lollapalooza is a summer staple in Chicago. This extremely popular music festival features musicians from so many different genres including alternative rock, heavy metal, punk, hip-hop, EDM and even includes comedy and dance performances.  Grant Park hosts this annual event, and this year marks their 25th anniversary. The Lollapalooza crew pulled out all the stops this year and their work is showcased by their fantastic lineup—think Red Hot Chili Peppers, Radiohead, Ellie Goulding, Chris Stapleton, Future and more! This year is not one to miss, so if you think you may want to visit Chicago, you may want to plan your trip around this year’s show.

  1. Millennium Park

Whenever someone mentions Chicago, the image of a vast park located in what’s known as the “Loop” community of Chicago is probably what comes to mind. This public park has been around since 1997 and was originally intended to celebrate the second millennium. Millennium Park is also home to Chicago’s most iconic piece of architecture known as the “Bean.” The Bean, or what’s really named Cloud Gate, is a famous public sculpture that sits at the center of Millennium Park. Who can resist running up to this massive bean-like sculpture and taking a selfie?!

  1. Wrigley Field

Wrigley Field is one of baseball’s most historic parks. Built in 1914—and originally named Weeghman Park— Wrigley Field was actually the original home to the Chicago Whales before the Cubs took over in 1916. By 1927, then-owner William Wrigley changed the field’s name to Wrigley Field where Chicago’s Cubs have played ever since. Wrigley Field has such a rich history that words can’t even do it justice. All we have to say is if you go to Chicago, it\’s an absolute must-see!

  1. Deep-dish Pizza

Do you really think we could make it through a post without mentioning food? Chicago is home to arguably one of the most famous styles of pizzas ever known. What is this pizza, you ask? Deep-dish, of course! Cultural historians in Chicago claim there isn’t enough documentation to actually determine who invented the famous, Chicago-style pizza, but who cares about that anyways. What we do know is that this pizza is so amazing that you have to try it yourself. Resembling a pie more than pizza\’s traditionally thin flatbread, this pizza is super thick and full of cheese and other customizable ingredients. Come hungry, though. These pizzas are extremely filling but so good that you won’t want to waste a bite!

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