Working Hard to Sell Travel

\"ScreenshotHave you ever thought about dropping everything and leaving for the beach during especially cold weather? Well, Ecuador is betting you will.

During Super Bowl Sunday, Ecuador rolled out $3.8 million on a Beatles tuned, 30-second ad aimed to increase American tourism to the small, South American country. With a country of just 15.7 million, it’s hard to believe that a large sum of money would be spent on a single ad, but this is only part of a large-scale travel infrastructure improvement that is meant to turn the second largest source of tourism, the US, into the first.

With only a 4% increase in US travel over the last decade, the Ecuadorean ambassador hopes to double it in half that time. If Ecuador can even muster a 1% increase in US travel, it will cover the expenses of the ad completely. Considering travel is steadily increasing with the rising market and US dollar, it is not hard to imagine a surge in travel to Ecuador.

Have you ever been to Ecuador? Do these ads make you want to go for your next vacation?

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