Why not spend your holiday in Toronto, eh?

For all you northeast-coasters, we have some news for you. You can travel to a foreign country and amazing city without crossing an ocean or hopping on a plane—that is, if you’re up for a little road trip. Were you thinking Canada? Because we were. Toronto, to be specific. There is so much history right beyond New York’s border. Toronto is also the fourth most populous city in North America (look out NYC). Over 25 million tourists visit Toronto each year, so it can’t be too shabby.

\"Toronto1\"Toronto borders Lake Ontario, making it a gorgeous waterfront city. You won’t see Toronto’s skyline without the CN Tower, the largest tower in the Western Hemisphere (again, NYC, Toronto is coming for you). If you have 1.5 hours and are a bit of a daredevil you can scale the edge of the CN building—using restraints and safety precautions, of course. There, you’ll really get the best view of the city.

And if you are feeling a little hungry, head down to the Distillery district where dozens of old, brick factories have been converted into trendy restaurants. These good eats are ideal for any foodie.

Sporting events are also hugely popular for both tourists and residents of Toronto. The hockey hall of fame is located in Toronto, as is their hockey team, the Maple Leafs. Canadians are also huge fans of baseball, and Toronto houses the stadium of the Toronto Blue Jays. They play their home games at Roger’s Centre, an awesome place to see how Canadians play an all-American sport (hint: it’s exactly the same).

If you’re not into athletics, Toronto has a vibrant art scene as well. They have Tony award-winning musicals and famous theatres that people from all over the world come to see, like the Royal Alexandra Theatre.

So forget all that South Park has told you about Canada (and everything else for that matter), because it really is an amazing place.


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