Two of the Coolest Hotels for Total Nerds

The Non-Copyright Infringing Harry Potter Hotel in London


For those of you who were devastated to not have an owl swoop in your window on your 11th birthday to hand you your Hogwarts letter, this will do. The Georgian House Hotel, a bed and breakfast in Central London, calls their rooms “Wizard Chambers”, most likely to avoid the wrath of Warner Brothers and JK Rowling’s lawyers. There’s a high demand, with a waiting list that’s months long. Thanks, Potterheads.

The rooms have a charming, detailed quality about them. There is scarlet and gold drapery for Gryffindors and all sorts of mysterious looking bottles as if someone ravaged an antique or Victorian apothecary. The goal is to not infringe entirely on Rowling’s intellectual property, but instead to suspend the guest’s belief just long enough. While there are no Hogwarts logos, there’s stone walls and dry ice and the twinkling John Williams soundtrack being played at pleasant intervals.

And, to top your Hogwarts-ian stay off, they offer packages that include trips to the Warner Brothers studios and a Potter-themed walking tour throughout London

The Possibly Copyright Infringing Godzilla Hotel in Tokyo

If you’re ever on a business trip, enjoying the complimentary breakfast buffet and, as you sip your morning coffee and look at your window, and lament the fact that there’s no giant mutant lizard obstructing your view, you are in luck. The Hotel Gracery in the Shinjuku ward of Tokyo will make all of your B-rated movie dreams come true.

The Hotel Gracery is the best kind of 30-floor monstrosity with its very own Godzilla wrapped around it. Its head even sticks out in the Shinjuku skyline, just enough. If you luck out, only 2 of the rooms offer a view of Godzilla himself, slithering up your hotel. For those who didn’t get one of the two rooms, there’s an observation deck where you can hang out next to Godzilla’s head.

The hotel rooms are a bit pricey, starting out at $125. But, it’s worth it for the sheer novelty factor.

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