Top 3 Wettest Places in US

For those in the DC metropolitan area, you’ve been seemingly plagued by a record-setting streak of rain. For the past 16 days, our HQ has been hammered with clouds and sprinkled with rain—and there doesn’t seem to be any sun in our near future. In fact, we haven’t seen a mostly sunny day since April 17th! Because of this beautiful weather, it got us thinking about some of the wettest towns in towns in the US—and the list may actually surprise you. So if you’re sick of the rain, this post is NOT, I repeat, NOT for you.

Top 3 wettest towns in the US:

  1. Hilo, Hawaii

Hilo is located on the Big Island. Known for its dramatic waterfalls, lush rainforests and blooming gardens, Hilo is full of amazing sites and world-class beauty. It’s also known as the wettest place in the United States, averaging about 12 in. of rain per month. Its wettest month is December where it sees an average of 19 inches of rainfall for the month. But this shouldn’t surprise you. An island can’t be covered with beautiful rainforests without lots and lots of rain!

  1. Maple Valley, Washington

Maple Valley is a mostly residential city located just 30 miles southeast of Seattle. Though it may not be on the top of your list for vacations, Maple Valley was reported to be one of the top ten family-oriented cities in the US. It’s also proudly on the list as being the second wettest city with an average rainfall of about 6-7 inches per month. Its wettest month is November where it sees an average of 12.5 inches of rain in one month.

  1. Kailua, Hawaii

We’re going back to Hawaii with Kailua being the third wettest city in the US. Seeing an average of about 5-6 inches per month, Kailua sits on the windward coast on the island of O’ahu in Honolulu. The town gets its name from the word Kailua which means “two seas” in Hawaiian. The town gets that name because there are two lagoons in the district which run through straight through Kailua Bay. Like Maple Valley, Kailua is mostly residential and is known for housing the Marie Corps Base.

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