The Science behind Packing the Perfect Carry-On Bag: A Study

To be perfectly clear, there is no science behind this study. Instead, there are years of anecdotal and casual qualitative evidence. It’s possible to pack the perfect bag. One that will fit snuggly under the seat in front of you and allow you just enough foot room to stretch out a little bit. If you are judicious in your use of space and the amount of pockets your bag allows, you can have a very successful trip. Or, at least, you won’t be too miserable.

\"perfectThe key is electronics. Practically everyone brings their phones and laptops when travelling. These people will find an outlet by their gate and set up camp. These people are the worst. What’s important to remember while you’re glaring at these terrible people is that most planes have outlets on the bottoms of the seats. They’re right under the armrest, just in that perfect spot you can’t really reach until you get on your hands and knees. While they’re inconveniently placed, it’s worth taking advantage of them. Get a plug with multiple USB outlets! You can charge your Kindle and your phone at once. The latest Kindle Fire is just $100 and has all sorts of Android apps.

To ensure you can’t hear the crying baby on your flight, it cannot be overstated how much it’s worth investing in a good pair of headphones. Some prefer earbuds, finding headsets a little too clunky. It’s definitely a personal choice. And to make sure that all of your personally planned, chic little electronics don’t turn into trendy looking bricks, bring chargers and country-specific outlets! Google images will tell you exactly what the outlet looks like.

Once you’ve established how you’re going to be entertained for hours on end, you gotta be comfy. And who’s comfier than old men? They’ve found the key to travel comfort. Old man sweaters and compression socks. Don’t wear anything with laces, lest you be that fool in the security line taking forever to unbuckle and unlace your sick pair of gladiators. Instead, embrace the slip on shoe. When you’re firmly nestled within your seat, whip those bad boys off real quick and slip on compression socks. They’ll reduce swelling and your toes will be nice and cozy. Sweaters are pivotal because airplane cabins are always freezing. If you’re rocking the old man sweater, male or female, you can whip it off and use it as a blanket or a pillow. This formula can obviously be altered to make it a slightly more business professional look. If you’re travelling alone, it’s okay to be a little boho-chic.

Finally, the bag. Get a weekender or a tote bag. Old backpacking backpacks won’t cut it. Nor will suitcases that came with your set. There are millions of options on the market. Here’s a perfect example of a travel tote, and it’s 20% off. Here’s a vegan one.

There are plenty of other additions you can add to your perfect carry on. Snacks are a vital component to any flight. Some people bring Xanax. Others bring eye masks. The best part of the science behind packing the perfect carry-on bag is that it’s adaptable for your travel needs.

Just don’t forget your passport!

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