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\"jetblue-seats\"As technology continues to innovate, business of all sorts are making much-needed changes to their industry to adapt to this changing environment. The most recent industry to do this is airlines. Over the past few years, the airline industry has worked to take steps to integrate more and more technological advances to create a better customer experience. Starting with in-plane wi-fi to video streaming services, airlines are understanding that in today\’s world there is more than just price that will bring consumers in and keep them as loyal customers.

The latest companies to do this is JetBlue and American Airlines. Just this week, JetBlue announced a partnership with Amazon Prime. This partnership will allow its passengers to stream content from Amazon Prime directly to their personal devices for free over their in-flight wi-fi service. In addition to that, American Airlines today announced free movies in most of its domestic services along with the launch of their Gogo streaming movie service. What makes Gogo so interesting is that the service operates directly out of the aircraft, so it doesn\’t rely on an internet connection to steam data like JetBlue\’s Amazon Prime service.

Technological partnerships to advance customer service are a great start, but what companies like these airlines need to keep in mind is that it\’s not enough to simply offer the service, the service itself has to work and work well. Questions are already being asked about the quality of JetBlue\’s in-flight wi-fi service. Their service offers speeds up to 20Mbps per seat, but skeptics already don\’t think it can handle an entire plane full of 20Mbps seats.

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