The Apple Watch Will Change Travel

\"fox\"Apple made big news this weekend by releasing a new line of MacBooks and the new Apple Watch. Originally, I was baffled by the need for an Apple Watch (seriously, I thought we got rid of watches now cell phones made it easy to check time), but I am now in serious need of the new gadget. This big switch is for the facilitation of my travel needs that this accessory will provide, and the compatibility with my favorite apps.

Not only will this watch keep time, but it will remind you of events or travel times that you scheduled through your favorite apps. Take American Airlines for example: they are letting you check in; view airport maps; and receive alerts through the Apple Watch. Similarly, hotels will let you check in through the app, and Starwood Hotel and Resorts are even letting you unlock doors with the app (eliminating the many problems with plastic key cards). How about getting to the hotel? Citymapper will guide you through the city, and avoid having to find the confusing public transportation maps, and Curb Taxi is considering releasing on the platform.

Though the watch may have deserved to be in a reliquary up to now, the Apple Watch might bring back the accessory. Rather than a timepiece, useless in the age of cellphones, the watch will be the way of transit and less fiddling.

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